Pursuit of making the ideal timepiece
begins with the in-house development and manufacture of key precision parts,
and is completed with the hand assembly by craftsmen.
It is the result of an over 70-year pursuit of Japanese aesthetics in wristwatches,
and the promise of “Made in Japan” quality.
It fascinates with design that exceeds the heart’s desire and convinces
with practicality that makes it a pleasure to use – all backed by
a maintenance system for a lifetime of enjoyment.

Only when all these elements come together,
the ORIENT STAR is born – the watch found nowhere else in the world is now here.

Now it is time for the next chapter of mechanical evolution
and the rise of a new ORIENT STAR.

Over 70 Years of Heritage and Ambition

Since its birth in 1951,
ORIENT STAR has crafted quality mechanical watches.
Only when the thumb and finger grasp the crown and begin winding
the mainspring, does a mechanical timepiece come to life.
This simple yet profound relationship embodies the irresistible charm of the mechanical movement.
Like time, ORIENT STAR marches forward. Like its owners, ORIENT STAR celebrates its heritage,
but always looks ahead to creating a better time.
For over 70 years, our ambition to be your constant companion
on the journey through life has inspired us to craft
an ever brighter ORIENT STAR.

Every Part, Every Step

 Making the ideal mechanical watch requires total involvement.
From the development, design and manufacture of the precision components
to their assembly by experienced craftsmen,
every process and step is under the uncompromising eye of ORIENT STAR.
Today, with access to the latest technology from Epson,
ORIENT STAR is exploring new possibilities for mechanical watches.
Only an integrated watch manufacturer with this commitment to end-to-end quality
can craft the ideal watch; just one of the attractive differences of ORIENT STAR.

From the Hands of Craftsmen to Yours

 ORIENT STAR mechanical watches are individually assembled by craftsmen.
No machine has the skills, sensibilities and, above all,
the passion demanded to perform this delicate work with this level of precision and care.
Inside and out, this is beauty that can only be produced by experienced hands.
Today in the workshop in Akita, Japan,
craftsmen are again calling on years of expertise
to breathe life into a new ORIENT STAR.

Dynamic Beauty

Only a skeleton design can reveal the authentic beauty of mechanical watches.
A photo may freeze a moment of the intricate design,
but the dynamic dance of the components must be seen in action to be appreciated.
Each part plays a role in the beautiful symphony of complex movement.
The skeleton view captivates the eye while its sensual design embodies a playful elegance.
In pursuit of mechanical aesthetics,
ORIENT STAR is an endless source of beauty found nowhere else.

The Practical Choice

 The more you wear a mechanical watch, the deeper the attachment grows.
It must not only be beautiful, but also perform its function day
in and out with precision and reliability.
Easy to use, easy to see, and comfortable to wear, it marks the start of the day
when you put it on and the end when it is put away at night.
ORIENT STAR listens to owners and creates watches
that are an integral part of their everyday lifestyles.
Consideration of everything from the selection of materials to functionality
goes into the design of each model to enhance the pleasure of its daily use.
ORIENT STAR values the beauty of practicality.

For the Time of Your Life

 Mechanical watches are living things.
Though built to withstand day-to-day shocks,
temperature changes and other conditions to challenge its precision operation,
even an ORIENT STAR timepiece requires maintenance to stay in the best condition possible.
For the enjoyment of this quality timepiece,
periodic “watch health checkups” are highly recommended.