A Star is Born

ORIENT STAR debuted in 1951. The name expresses the aim of creating a timepiece that outshines all others in the universe of mechanical watches. The ORIENT STAR brand continues to live up to its name and captivate watch enthusiasts around the world with genuine mechanical watch excellence. The ORIENT STAR story began with the founding of Tama Keiki Co., Ltd in 1950, rechristened the Orient Watch Co., Ltd. only one year later. After collaborating with Seiko Epson Corporation for over 20 years, the two companies officially merged their business and expertise in 2017. Today Epson’s advanced precision part processing and finishing technologies combine with ORIENT STAR’s passion for authentic quality and craftsmanship to launch a new era of mechanical watches.


Capture your gaze

Reflecting the wonderous beauty of shining stars.
Orient Star watches are superb timepieces, crafted by Japanese artisans since 1951.

Your own special moment

Orient Star is more than just a watch, it's a celebration of your uniqueness and individuality. The striking design will bring a smile to your face every time you look at it.

Your trusted companion

A constant and reliable lasting companion on life's great journey. Orient Star serves as a precious reminder of your own and your family's treasured memories.

Your connection to something bigger

Discover a shared attachment forged through beauty and tradition. Share your unique experiences with other owners and become part of the Orient Star family.

Following the quartz watch boom of the eighties, ORIENT STAR responded to the renewed fascination of mechanical watches with the first ORIENT STAR with power reserve in 1996, followed by World Time, GMT, and Semi Skeleton models. The release of the Skeleton model in 2016 put the precision mechanism on full display. The 2017 release of the Mechanical Moon Phase featured both a romantic moon phase complication and a semi-skeleton design. In 2021 commemorating the brand’s 70th anniversary, a new ORIENT STAR Skeleton that can run for 70 hours debuts. Inside, a silicon escapement originally developed using Epson’s semiconductor manufacturing know-how contributes to improved mechanical efficiency and longer running time.


46 series movement


46-F7 series movement (2017)


New Skeleton (2021)

Reach for the Stars

From the timeless design and precision parts to their assembly by master craftsmen, ORIENT STAR sets its sights on the stars to create mechanical timepieces of value beyond price. This ambition has been expressed in the brand name on every watch for seven decades. ORIENT STAR craftsmen know that a mechanical watch will simply stop without the love of their owners. That love moves owners to wear the watch and keep its mechanical heart powered, and is inspired by a commitment to excellence passed down since the birth of the brand.

In ORIENT STAR, Here is why:

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In ORIENT STAR, Here is why:
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